Hi. My name is Shafaq T. and I have opinions about everything. I just can’t keep them to myself which is why I created yet another blog to express my opinions about things in life in the most reasonable manner (unreasonable being my hate-speech on facebook and in front of my husband).

I am an entrepreneur in the making – hopefully. I have this amazing online business venture plan in place which I am going to execute in the coming months. I need some planning on it and some time.

My previous blogs were great and served the purpose of why they were made in the first place. I unfortunately, had to take them down. Please note that Obsession99 – My Pakistani Wedding Deconstruction Blog was taken down because it was directly related to my business venture and I am moving it’s content there. The other blogs were just made for fun and my online work experience. I took them down because I couldn’t do them justice.

Anyways – here’s to yet another great blogging experience! Cheers!


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