Online Shopping in Pakistan  Designer Clothing  Fashion Shoes


I must admit, online shopping has its high. I love shopping online and I have always, “always” ordered things from internationally acclaimed, well-known websites. was probably my first local website which I used because of an unexpected urgent need of a Desi Dress.

I just needed a simple top that could help me out because the occasion was not so – well – western supported. I couldn’t go out on a short notice even though some of the major shopping avenues are located literally 10 minutes away because, well, I am personally very dependent on drivers here thanks to the traffic. My luck he wasn’t available.

So coming back to the review, I went online, searched for a “buy women clothes pakistan” website and found a list of entries. was one I had heard of but never tried so I clicked and landed on a clean nice-looking website with no sparkling ads.

In short the experience was fairly smooth. They had cash on delivery so I availed that for a small fee and my dress was in my hands within 3 days. They sent a follow-up text and called as well. I could go into details about How Exactly I placed my order on but in all honestly, the only reason I am keeping this short and sweet is because the process had no flaws and did not make me clench my teeth.

My Opinion: Give it a shot!


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