Why I think my Start-up is going to be Brilliant

Courtesy: startupchamp.com
Courtesy: startupchamp.com

Entrepreneurship is not restricted to a group of specific people in societies any more. Everyone, literally everyone who has a few bucks on their hands and who has the willingness start thinking along the lines of making money, selling something, making a name, think outside the box, so on and so forth.

Take for example a single mother at home, in Pakistan. She has a kid but wants to get busy somewhere. She used to work but she can’t any more because she has to take care of her child so she thinks that maybe baking cakes and taking orders online would be a great start. Or she might also start buying clothes in bulk and selling them at profit. Or she might have access to a couple of professional tailors and ‘karigars’ so she might just start designing dresses. There is good money in all of this and I bet all of us know at least one person who is doing one of the above things to “A. keep themselves busy” and “B. make money”.

Professionally, that’s not what entrepreneurship really is but yes, starting up a start-up to some extent covers the requirement of being called an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is so much more. It’s innovation, creative thinking, solving a bunch of problems in a manner no one else has ever done before, it’s analysis and risk-taking, its contributing to the society with something new and fresh, its everything that a business-in-the-making needs to become successful.

I read this article on business insider about the 20 skills that successful entrepreneurs have and slowly started to pin myself to each one of them. I asked myself, do I have all of them, a few, a handful or what? I am yet to find an answer, but thanks for a good read BI.

Now coming back to specifics, why I think that my start-up is absolutely unique and will take over a certain market is something I can’t explain at the moment. Maybe we all feel that way about our brain-childs. However, the feeling is – simply amazing.

My start-up is going to be an online e-commerce website selling things. Sounds pretty common right? Well, it is. It is also the fastest growing industry today. I wish I had more stats on it but I have a number of important windows open and don’t want to google where exactly the industry is standing. But see this, selling something online is the simplest form of a start-up you can invest in these days and it could also be the most riskiest. Read this article from Practical Ecommerce.

Where my start-up makes me feel special about it is the fact that I have been able to find my niche… A niche that does not exist on a large scale at the moment. My start-up can be as big as I want it to be or can be as simple but why hold back when you are charging with full force. I wish I could disclose some specifics about my business plan but I won’t. The purpose of this blog was merely to state that start-ups, even the most common ones can have something going swell for them if they find a niche. I believe that that is the most important factor especially when it comes to an ecommerce business where there are some big daddys to competitors to small ones out there.

Another reason why I think my start-up is going to be brilliant is because I have seen the potential of the market. I used to have a blog, where I would JUST WRITE about the niche on it and it gained a good amount of attention. That experience alone promises a hint of success and I am looking forward to it.

So basically ……. if a great idea suddenly dawns upon you – you should not sit back and wait for someone else to pull it off. Get your behind working on it.


Why I think my Start-up is going to be Brilliant

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