Thinking of starting a business online? Earn money online first!


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When I quit my full time awesome job in an IT company to move cities, I wanted to find that exact same kind of job where I was moving. Unfortunately, and obviously, I couldn’t get everything I wanted, so I thought I am not going to find a job at all (I had that liberty) but rather I’ll continue doing what I love doing online and work on project basis or freelance.

On the side, I wanted to blog as well, just like that.

Freelancing and working independently gave me a lot of time to do whatever I wanted to do, provided that I managed myself well. I have seen that this situation also frustrates people because when they are at home and they try to get into freelancing or working online, they aren’t patient enough or they can’t find the time to because they are busy being distracted.

Anyways, provided that you manage yourself well, you can start making money online. Then I started to think, what’s more to making money online? It’s having a successful business online.

That is exactly what I aimed for. Although writing and working with clients from all over the world is something I absolutely love doing, especially because it allows me to continue my dreams professionally, I eventually wanted to become an entrepreneur – One that is self-made and can’t be stopped in any way.

When I brought up the idea of running a business online, my family wanted to help me, give me the capital and the support I needed. I turned it down. When you work online for such a long time, you get used to being professionally independent, especially when you know that within a given time-frame you could do it all. A small example is that setting up a business online required a website, so I thought I am going to learn everything there is to building/coding a website. I know this is going to help me sooner or later.

Moving on to the easy ways to make money online – I am only going to discuss the methods I used personally. I know there are a lot more methods out there to make money online but I don’t want to vouch for something I haven’t tried.

Here is how I did it – did you do it too? Share with us!

I listed my skills

I already knew that I wanted to primarily write online but I had so much experience from the IT company I worked for that I knew I could offer a lot more. Moreover, for every person getting into freelancing and especially those who have not done it before, they just don’t know what they can offer to their clients. It’s something very basic but you need to list them down on paper. For example, I could:

– Write articles, blogs, company profiles, website pages, etc

– Offer optimized content for SEO purposes

– Offer white-hat SEO services to start-up websites online

– Help out in social media and online connections

– Write quality eBooks and use my journalist experiences to write for an online news portal or magazine

This list helped me build my profile online and also helped me establish the clients I was going to work with. How about you sit down and do the same.

Don’t have writing experience?

Don’t worry. People think they need to be either writers, editors, designers or developers to work online. With little or absolutely no experience at all, you can make money, here’s how:

Can you copy/paste? Offer data entry services or formatting services

Are you great at making sales over the phone? Offer tele-sales services from your home

Do you have a talent that no one else does? Show it off

Can you sell unique items from your country? Start shipping

The freelance world and the ways you can make money is limitless.

I found the perfect platform

Once you have established what you want to do online, you need to showcase yourself or offer your services somewhere. You must have already heard about websites like oDesk, Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr, Esty etc. These websites offer you a place to build your profile, get in touch with clients or apply to online jobs and start earning or selling. Take your pick.

On another note, you should always choose a website that is legit and does not look shady in any way. They should have strict rules of payment and a good reputation online. I have had experiences with websites that look legit but they make you do heaps of work and then don’t pay you or pay you for illegal services like clicking on ads and stuff. Don’t put yourself through the trouble, do something that would look good on your CV.

I used oDesk – a friend referred it to me and I am forever thankful to her. Some freelancers are of the opinion that the rates clients offer on oDesk are extremely low, e.g. they go down to $0.5 (or even lesser) per hour and $0.25 per 100/500 word articles. That might be true but to be honest, I have been able to maintain my hourly/project rates because I sell my services and my work speaks for itself. If you apply to low paying jobs and work on exceptionally low rates, that’s your fault.

Anyways, I have heard clients on Elance offer better rates. That might be true but I have not worked on Elance so I can’t say personally and plus I like the way oDesk works and the way it has an extremely clean interface.

I am planning to post a detailed review on oDesk and how you can make an awesome profile to earn money on it – so look out for that if you are interested in working on oDesk. I think it’ll help first-time oDesk users.

For all those out there who think it’s just impossible to start working online because everything seems “oh-so complicated” – don’t let your fears get to you. I started somewhere and I wasn’t all that in the beginning but experience taught me that earning online is a piece of cake!

Only after a year of working on oDesk, I was able to support my spending habits, save money on the side to start working on a business plan and now I would like to execute that business plan. It might sound like a long time but guess what … I started earning through oDesk alone within 3 weeks of joining it. I’ll tell you exactly how I did it.

If you are looking for a great blog on how to start making money online – visit I refer to it often and the eBook on it is amazing! I was able to find new websites where I could easily start making money as a freelancer! Love love the blog!

Why working online is a great way to start your online business

Now for the real reason I wanted to put up this post. In my opinion, if you have online working experience, starting a business online becomes a lot easier. Lets take a small example:

Let’s suppose I am a technically sound person but have never freelanced online or have never worked remotely for online clients. In essence, I have no experience about online working ethics. I might or might not be up-to-date with the latest online business modules and I don’t really know where I am going to start when it comes to setting up a website/blog/etc for my business. Typically, I will approach an IT company, suitable to my budget, tell them my plans and get a website made (with or without hassles) and start running an online business. Sooner or later I would want to grow my business so again I need help, I need a content writer or a blogger, I need someone to maintain my website, so on and so forth. I have to look for people independently because I don’t really know how freelance websites work. It ends up costing way more than my budget.

It might not be all that bad but I guess this is the closest I could get to the worst case scenario.

Here is an example if I was working online.

I personally knew that all kinds of talents are available online which I could work with as per my budget and start a business online. I work myself so I am familiar with online working ethics and how to hire great talent. I also know out of experience which platforms I can use to start my website instead of approaching an IT company locally. Sure, I could still go to them if I need professional assistance but I am the sort of person who likes to be in control and know exactly what I am getting into, how much money it takes to make a website and start a business. I can find helping hands, quick content, fix a couple of things on the website, etc, all with the help of professional freelancers. Paying them is a piece of cake too because I get paid from clients all the time and I just follow the drill.

There are a lot of other benefits of working online before starting a business online as well, these were just the ones that are the most important, because you are saving time, money and getting all the help you need.

Lets not beat around the bush – IT companies rip you off and keep ripping you off over website maintenance, SEO services and extended services. Sorry – not my thing.

Take my advice, if you want to own an online business by the end of the year, join a platform that best suits your talents and your future business endeavors.

All the freaking best.

Thinking of starting a business online? Earn money online first!

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